TN Manager is a Rules-Based Telephone Number Inventory, Administration and Reporting system that is fully compliant with current INC guidelines and FCC NRO orders.

Designed to Help You

  • Efficiently manage valuable Telephone Number resources
  • Track Numbers in accordance with FCC-mandated categories / subcategories
  • Automatically generate and electronically submit FCC-mandated reports such as the NRUF and Months-to-Exhaust (MTE)
  • Protect business operations against disruptive regulatory audits

Key Attributes

  • Highly customizable level of integration
    • TN Manager can function entirely in stand-alone, partially integrated, or fully integrated modes
    • Integration methods include a full XML/SOAP API as well as the ability to send XML/SOAP events to the customerís EIA layer
  • Serves as the central repository and inventory system for the Service Provider's telephone number resources
  • Integrates with existing CRM systems
  • Automatically generates and submits Mandatory NRUF Reports to the NANPA
  • Generates and Stores FCC-mandated audit details
  • Thousands-block number pooling support
  • Local number portability (LNP) support
  • Toll-Free RespOrg pool management
  • Extensive reporting capabilities
  • Full administrator control over code/block opening and closing
  • Supports non-standard utilization percentages (by rate center) as required by state commissions
  • Enforces industry-regulated reservation and aging intervals
  • Full support for the aging and snapback administration process
  • Tracks activities and completion dates associated with TN activations, disconnects, suspensions, port in/outs, etc.

For more information about TN MANAGER, or to schedule a live demo, please contact us.


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