Global Telecom Tools offers superior products priced for today's telecommunications environment. We understand the challenges facing telecommunications companies today, and our pricing model is designed to reflect that.

We are able to price our products drastically lower than our competitors because we keep our overhead low. We achieve this by following two fundamental principles:

  1. Developing semi-custom applications that solve real problems, not framework applications that employ a "one size fits all" methodology.
  2. Leveraging strategic partnerships with leading hardware, software, and consulting companies. 

Our pricing model is based on a subscription system. There are no up-front capital expenditures, yearly maintenance fees, or lengthy term contracts. If our customers are ever not happy with the functionality of our products, or find better products at lower prices, they can simply walk away having paid only for the time they used. Quite simply, by employing this subscription-based system our bottom line is directly related to meeting our customer's needs.

Subscription payments are made to GTT either monthly, quarterly or semi-annually. Your subscription also includes regular functionality enhancements and maintenance updates which ensure that your product stays current with the latest industry specifications and guidelines.

For more information on our pricing model, please contact us.


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