Network Analyzer is a powerful network analysis and business reporting system designed to help manage overall PSTN network capacity as well as identify potential cost saving opportunities.

Designed to Help You

  • Save money by efficiently managing network trunking capacity
  • Verify the accuracy of reciprocal compensation bills received from partner carriers
  • Perform detailed traffic pattern and least-cost routing studies
  • Reduce access charges by identifying Direct End-Office Trunking (DEOT) opportunities

Key Attributes

  • High performance, fully multi-threaded application
  • Full Graphing and Charting support
  • Calculates the following Softswitch statistics
    • Running Call Total counts
    • Maximum CPS
    • Average CPS during the Busy Hour
  • Calculates the following statistics per Trunk Group
    • Total Number of Calls
    • Percentage of Completed Calls
    • Percentage of Answered Calls
    • Percentage of Calls Blocked
    • Average Call Hold Time
    • Total Busy Hour Call Attempts
    • Total Utilization Percentage during the Busy Hour
    • Total Usage in Erlangs or CCS
    • Calculation of Theoretical Trunk Requirements
  • Configurable Termination Cause monitoring
  • Performs Monthly / Daily N-high analysis of all statistics to facilitate more accurate forecasting
  • Performs Least Cost Routing and Direct End-Office Trunking studies
  • Performs Inter- and Intra-Market Geographic Call Pattern Analysis
  • Partner Carrier Billing Audit and Reconciliation Support
  • Determines optimum Trunking Gateway DSP numbers based on historical call-pattern analysis

For more information about NETWORK ANALYZER or to schedule a live demo, please contact us.


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