Dial Plan Manager is a complete Dial Plan (Switch Translations) management solution for the next-gen VoIP softswitches.

Designed to Help You

  • Get up and running quickly by importing the existing Dial Plans and routing elements already provisioned on the softswitch
  • Expand into new areas quickly by quickly generating complete and accurate new dial plans
  • Automatically analyze and correct routing problems in existing dial plans
  • Eliminate human error by generating all CLI commands required to create, modify and delete Dial Plans and system routing elements

Key Attributes

  • Provides an intuitive, fully graphical interface for the creation and management of Dial Plans and all associated routing elements
  • Ensures accurate and complete Dial Plans via integration with the LERG™ and LCADS databases
  • XML/CORBA and XML/SOAP interfaces allows Dial Plan Manager to automatically push dial plan changes to the softswitch
  • Fully automates required Dial Plan updates in response to LERG™ and/or LCADS changes
  • Automatically assigns the best Destination when new NPA-NXX entries are discovered
  • Generates the CLI commands necessary to recreate all dial-plans and routing elements from scratch
  • Built-in element version management with full roll-back capabilities

For more information about DIAL PLAN MANAGER or to schedule a live demo, please contact us.


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