CDR Manager is a highly scalable Call Detail Record (CDR) retrieval, reformatting and distribution system. The product also includes a powerful CDR search engine along with real-time network fault detection intelligence.

Designed to Help You
  • Ensure error-free transfers of each CDR from the Softswitch to billing systems
  • Reformat CDRs and deliver a unified format to billing, regardless of switch type or software version
  • Provide a high-speed searchable repository of CDRs for use by customer service personnel and other back-office systems
  • More intelligently troubleshoot problems and respond to customer inquiries
  • Automatically detect network troubles and identify fraudulent usage

Key Attributes

  • High performance, fully multi-threaded application
  • Supports multiple softswitch manufacturers and CDR formats simultaneously
  • Seamless softswitch software upgrade support allows uninterrupted processing of both old and new CDR versions during a softswitch upgrade
  • Allows service provider to deliver a unified CDR format to billing regardless of softswitch manufacturer or software version
  • Intuitive GUI allows users to perform customized CDR searches based on any combination of CDR fields
  • Automatic detection of common network troubles
  • Automatic detection of potentially fraudulent calling patterns

For more information about CDR MANAGER or to schedule a live demo, please contact us.


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